Monday, January 25, 2010

Quality Still Shots for Your Listings

Agents need to maximize their marketing of their listings with virtual tours and still shots. Buyers want to see both. Some real estate buyers qualify a property with the still photos, then look at the virtual tour. Some just look a the tours. Whichever method a buyer uses, the still shots are important, so make them look nice.

The quality of the photo as well as the composition are the most important. I see a lot of property photos on listings that are too dark, or overexposed. Neither look good or help the marketing of the property. Make sure the exposure is correct. A photo editing program can help lighten or darken photos slightly. I have also seen photos of unappealing scenes. Clutter is one of the biggest. Countertops or tables with a lot of stuff on them. This is distracting the the viewer. There are some pictures of half baths with the toilet as the focal point. Believe it not sometimes the seat is up. That just kills me.

360 Visions can help agents with still shots. For a small fee we can take still shots of the property while we take the tour. We can do this for around $30 depending on the size of the home. All the rooms and the exterior of the property will be shot. We touch up the photos to ensure they look great and email them to you with your tours links. If you need high resolution photos, we will put them on a CD and get them to you. This makes it easy for an agent to add all of their visual marketing at one time. The best time to order this package is just before you put in on the market. That way you have everything you need when it gets on the Multiple Listing Service.

If you have any questions about still shots and virtual tours for your listings give us a call or send and email. We will be happy to help.

Graves Carey
Delaware Virtual Tours

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