Thursday, November 25, 2010

2010 Tour Summary

Just the other day I was in the virtual tour TMS and looking at my virtual tour numbers for the year. I like to look at my current year and compare to previous years. As of right now, I am about 38% above last year’s on total number of virtual tours shot from 2009. I thought wow!! How can that be? I thought for awhile trying to figure out why this year is going so much better than last, and came up with a few thoughts.

This year, RTV virtual tour software company launched the new High Definition virtual tours. I tried them out and after a little time of getting them mastered, I started marketing them to my customers. The HD virtual tours were a big hit right away. My customers were very impressed. When the tours look good, the agents look good to their sellers. None of my competition can compare to the quality, and the crystal clear full screen feature.

A few months ago, RTV rolled out their new HD V-Slide. I thought it looked really nice, but after being a tour provider for 8 years, I was a little apprehensive. I am used to doing 360 panoramic tours, not still image photography. RTV promised me that it would attract a crowd of people that I have not yet been able to reach before so I purchased the unlimited HD Slideshow package and put my trust in them.

I had to figure out how I could make money off of this product. I watched a few episodes of The FORMULA that talked about marketing the V-Slides. I watched an episode of The IMAGE which talked about getting creative with the still image photography. And finally like the HD tours, I played with the new technology for awhile to make sure I had the process down before I launched the product in my market.

What happened was truly amazing. This new system and product had a zing for impressing people. In fact, over the last month I've easily recovered my tiny investment and had the pleasure of knocking the socks off of many new prospects. I am promoting my V-Slides at a slightly lower price than my Rehoboth Beach Virtual Tours.

Many agents have started placing orders for V-Slides on properties that they wouldn’t have ordered virtual tours on. Maybe the homes were low priced or not furnished. So my new V-Slides are nicely filling a void for my business and attracting agents that in the past did not want to use 360 tours. Here's a couple recent V-Slides:

Now is the time to take a look at your business for the current year. Compare to previous years. How does it compare? Please comment on this blog and let us know. RTV tells me that most dealers are up over last year. That's fantastic! Are you using the new products to their full advantage of them? If not, start making a marketing plan to implement them in 2011. Between all the new developments that RTV has planned for next year and the improving economy, I can guarantee that you'll be up next year.

Good luck everyone and have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON!!


Graves Care

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delaware Beach's Real Estate Services Company - 360 Property Solutions

Today, 360 Property Solutions just launched their new website,, by Fine Line IT. 360 Property Solutions is a real estate services company located at the Delaware Beaches that handles year round rental management, home watch services, FSBO assistance, and REO asset management. They are the company to turn to for real estate needs that most traditional brokerages won't handle.

They are located in Lewes, Delaware and handle the coastal area of Sussex County and inland. If you are absentee owner, check out their home watch service. They can watch your home in the winter months when you are not using the home. Along with the service is storm preparation, and post storm inspections.

360 Property Solutions has a variety of other services they offer as well. Home management, FSBO assist, and REO asset management for liquidating bank owned assets. These are services not offered by most traditional real estate brokerages. Visit their website and contact them for any information on the services you may need.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Virtual Tours of Building Lots

Many agents don't think about getting a virtual tour of a building lot. They should. The virtual tour can show a lots view, layout, and what the neighborhood is like. They are a great marketing media. Also lots are posted on Your tour can get posted on that listing as well. Since we have high definition in full screen, its like standing on location.

I did this tour today for Barbara Morales in Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club. It is on the yacht basin and has great views. Take a look and see for yourself. Be sure to see it in full screen. View the Tour:

360 Visions has been doing lot tours for a while now. We offer them for $50 and you get 2 spins and 2 still shots. Its a great price for what you receive. This comes with your weekly tour stats and a listing on

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HD Full Screen Virtual Tours are Available

We are a happy to announce that 360 Visions is doing Full Screen High Definition Virtual Tours. These run on flash and load very quickly. At full screen you get an amazingly clear picture. For the month of March we will do your next tour in stunning HD.

Check out this tour in High Definition:

Click on the four arrows pointing out. This will open up to a full screen tour. See for yourself how clear it is. It's almost like being in the the home.

Also be sure to check out Our new site to help promote your listings. The pages are growing, get your new tour on it now.

This is an example of how your listing will look on the Delaware Beach Real Estate website:

Thursday, February 25, 2010 is Launched

360 Visions is happy to announce that This great looking and easy to navigate website was designed and built by FinelineIT. The site is a virtual open house for Delaware Beach Real Estate that is for sale. All the virtual tours are produced by 360 Visions. It is a promotional site for the properties for sale and for 360 Visions clients who are real estate agents. Al virtual tours that 360 Visions does in the beach area will be posted on the website. Because of, 360 visions is the virtual tour provider beach area real estate agents want to use for virtual tours.

Here is how the site works. A person searching for properties will do a search by the town they are interested in. After a searcher selects a town, an list of properties will come up. The basic information of each listing will displayed. After clicking the address of the property a more detailed decription with be displayed along with the listing agent and their contact information. The virtual tour can be viewed from the results pages and the detailed listing page. is a great place for real estate buyers to search for homes in the Delaware Beach Area. The reason is all the homes have virtual tours where a buyer can see more before they physically tour the property.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hosting a Webinar with RTV

Well we took a little break to let you digest part one of The FORMULA Setting up Shop and now the gang is back for more action in part two of this series.

Have you been wondering if you’re setting up your virtual tour company the right way?

Ever ask yourself what you could do right out of the gate to set yourself apart?

Are you a bit confused as to what to do next and where to put your precious company dollars?

Has your business slowed down and are you in need of an overhaul of your virtual tour products and virtual tour service offerings?

Do you just need to put a little more steam into your virtual tour & property marketing sales?

If you answered yes, and you're an RTV virtual tour provider you MUST attend part 2 of Setting up Shop next week for The FORMULA 21.

We have arranged to have guest appearances from Graves Carey of Delaware Virtual Tours, Alan Fon of Corpus Christi Virtual Tours, Mike Thompson of Detroit Virtual Tours and of course Jason LaVanture of Traverse City Virtual Tours and

This combined panel has produced a total of 6314 virtual tours with “Kid Dynamite” Graves Carey leading the pack with over 2600 tours produced!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Social Network Your Virtual Tours

Many of you who are real estate agents are on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of your clients and colleagues are your friends. 360 Visions with the power of RTV have made it easy to post your tours to numerous sites right from the tour. Those little button at the bottom of the Full Tour, which displays your information, and the MLS version make it easy to do.

When you bring up your tour, look at the bottom. Simply click on the button of the website that your are a member to. For example, lets use facebook. When you click on the button it will ask for your username and password, the log you in. You can type in your description and select the thumbnail you want displayed. The click post. It's that easy. You know have your tour on your wall. Most of you will be impressed at the number of hits you get which will be displayed on your weekly stats report.

Once a tour gets posted, you never know where it will end up because of the sharing buttons. Your tours could get emailed or posted by others to social networks or bookmarks. The good thing is that your contact information is displayed, so the view knows who to call for more information about the property. Give it try, and if you have any questions let me know.

Graves Carey
Delaware Virtual Tours