Sunday, June 21, 2009

Preparing your home for the Virtual Tour

I have had many agents and homeowners ask me what they need to do to get their home ready for the Virtual Tour photography shoot. It is really easy. Prepare the home as if it would be shown by and agent. One thing to remember is the Virtual Tour will up and running all the time. Your home should look its best. The purpose of the tour is to entice a buyer to come out and physically view it. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the big day.

Virtual Tour Preparation

Make the most out of your virtual tour by making sure your property looks its best! A virtual tour is an online open house, so get rid of the clutter, and make it sparkle!

Here are some tips to look your best and get our photographer done on time:

Spruce up your garden and lawn; trim shrubbery, consider planting flowers. Yard and patio should be neat; outdoor furniture should be in good shape. Mow the lawn; make sure the driveway & entryway are free of clutter (toys, bikes, etc.) Winter - keep the sidewalks cleared of snow.

Living Areas:
Remove clutter and tidy up shelves and table tops. Move excess furniture out of rooms. You want the space clean, open, and clutter-free (dog crates, tray tables, etc.). Replace burnt out light bulbs; great photography requires proper light. Vacuum, clean the windows and surfaces.

Clean off kitchen counters; remove any clutter. Make sure dirty/clean dishes are out of the sink & put away. Empty the garbage can.

Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored away. Close toilet lid and empty the garbage. Clean mirrors & glass surfaces. Hang towels neatly from towel bar.

Clean floors and surfaces look best in photos. Check the basics around the property to make sure it is clutter-free and picture ready. Turn on as many lights as you can when the photographer arrives. Try not to be in the room the photographer is photographing as you may end up in the photo.

The photographer cannot: Move furniture Clean or dust Move garbage Pick up/move clutter (toys, dirty dishes, dog toys, etc.)

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